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Information on Agricultural Trade with Cuba


Eligible Agricultural Commodities for Export to Cuba   



Market Reports


Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards: Cuba  (Updated on 11/20/2010)


The United States allows for the export of agricultural products to Cuba in conformity with the Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act of 2000.  U.S. suppliers willing to navigate a detailed set of U.S. regulatory controls related to exporting to Cuba, will find that the island is fairly receptive to U.S. products.  This report provides information on Cuba's regulatory environment as it relates to U.S. agricultural exports.  Cuban requirements related to product labeling, sanitary product registration, and export documentation are generally similar to those of other Latin American countries.  However, the key difference in exporting to Cuba, compared to other countries in the region, is that all U.S. agricultural exports must be channeled through one Cuban government agency, ALIMPORT


Hurricane Dennis' Impact on Cuba Agriculture (8/22/2005)

This report was prepared by William A. Mesina, Jr., Coordinator of Economics Analysis, and Thomas H. Spreen, Professor and Chair, both of the Food and Resource Economics Department, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida.  The report highlights the effects of hurricane Dennis (July 2005) on Cuba's agricultural sector as well as on other economic sectors.


Cuba: Overview of the Dollar Food Market:  An Exploration of the Purchasing and Distribution System 


Cuba’s market for food sold for dollars in the retail, food service and food processing sectors is estimated at $650 to $700 million per year in this University of Florida, International Agriculture Trade and Development Center Report.


Internet Resources on Agricultural Trade with Cuba 2004

This report provides websites and links with useful information for companies seeking to export U.S. agricultural products to Cuba.


Cuba's Food Prices 2004

This report was prepared by the U.S. Interest Section, Havana and is part of an ongoing series of reports on food prices & availability. 


Impact of Hurricane Charley in Cuba

This report takes a look at the impact of Hurricane Charley on Cuba, providing general background information as well as information on the effects of the storm on Cuba's infrastructure and agriculture


Cuba's Dollar Food Market and U.S. Exports

This report, prepared by James E. Ross of the University Florida, and Maria Antonia Fernandez Mayo, Research Associate in Havana, Cuba, shows that the dollars earnings from sales of imported and domestically produced food in Cuba more than cover the amount of foreign exchange used to import food into the country. 


October 2003 Survey of Havana Markets

This report was prepared by the U.S. Interest Section, Havana and is part of an ongoing series of reports on food availability. 


April Food Price Survey in Cuba    

Prices in a variety of food markets are compared between April 2003 and January 2003 and show that prices remained stable in some markets and increased in others.


How Cubans Survive 2003   

The U.S. Interest Section in Havana explores how Cubans obtain their daily bread through a series of reports that were combined into this report.


January Food Price Survey Cuba 2003

Prices in a variety of food markets are compared between January 2002 and January 2003 and show that prices for rationed food products remain unchanged and many prices in the various open-air markets increased.


HRI Food Service Sector: Cuba (2/8/2002)

The Republic of Cuba’s hotel, restaurant and institutional sector is an estimated $100 million market served by European, Canadian, Mexican and Latin American products. 



Food Security and Nutrition in Cuba   

The provision of food in Cuba has undergone a significant transformation due to the necessities of the “Special Period,” moving from centralized production and distribution to a mixed system where options are available outside the ration card, both in production and distribution. 



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